Ash vs Oak

There is an English saying that goes like this.

Ash before Oak, in for a soak
Oak before Ash, in for a dash.

Well it appears that my ash is starting to leaf


while my oak is still bare.


And guess what – we are having a soaking. We had “officially” 58mm overnight and another 7mm since 9am. My 3000 litre tank is actually full!

And as I drove home from lunch with my friend, it appears Lake Burley Griffin is also full as one of the flood gates on the dam was open.


So 365 minus 191 days – ash trees know what they are talking about!


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As I wander through this wonderful life I often wonder about things - some trivial, some profound. Some for my mind only, some things I'd like to share. I'm been on this planet for a while but still have a lot of living to do. Always ready for change but love traditions as well.
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